Hi, my name is T. Lee.

I have been entering on-line sweepstakes for about 10 years now. I
learned about sweepstaking after the birth of my third child. I was fortunate that I was able to be a stay at home mom until our child entered Kindergarten. I fell in love with sweepstaking.It was something that I could do to accentuate our household finances, but still devote the majority of my time to our daughter.

When I started sweepstaking there really were no sites that explained How To Enter Sweepstakes. I had to learn on my own through trial and error. I joined an online sweepstakes community and this really helped me learn the tricks and tips for entering sweepstakes.

Winning a trip from a sweepstakes is an experience you couldn’t buy for any amount of money. Many times the sponsor of the sweepstakes will provide you access for meet and greet time with stars and celebrities. Also, VIP access to nightclubs, parties and restaurants. The best way to travel in style, win the trip from a sweepstakes contest.

My favorite part about sweepstaking is of course winning. One of my favorite prizes is winning trips. When you win a trip through a sweepstake, everything is taken care of for you. You receive first class treatment. Many times you get access to nightclubs, restaurants, performances and celebrities that no amount of money can buy. Winning a trip from a sweepstake is more than a trip, it is an experience.

My dream prize is the HGTV Dream House. The dream home contest is held every year. Imagine winning a fully furnished house, with an amazing kitchen and a car plus cash to help cover the taxes.

That's a dream come true!

What keeps me entering sweepstakes is that every day you never know if a prize may be sitting in your mailbox or will be delivered by UPS and FedEx. The daily anticipation, of opening the mailbox or seeing the Fed Ex or UPS truck pull up in your driveway is truly exhilarating.