Entering sweepstakes is just a numbers game with a little luck thrown in. The more you enter the better your odds of winning. You can't win if you don’t enter.

Locate the sweepstakes you want to enter. There are many online communities where sweepstake hobbyists gather and list almost every sweepstake available to enter. You can locate these online sweepstake communities through an online search. Some offer free access to their contests and sweepstakes, others require paid subscriptions. I recommend that rather than investing time to locate sweepstakes yourself you should use these online contest community resources, it will save you a lot of time. Sweepstakes can also be located in supermarkets, on products, in magazines or any other advertisements.

Read the rules before you enter to win. It does you absolutely no good to waste your time entering a sweepstakes you do not qualify to win. Most sweepstakes qualifications are based upon age, geographic location, number of entries allowed and how many people can enter per household. Make sure that you follow the rules exactly or you may be disqualified.

Get an auto fill or form filling program. Using a form filling program will allow you to enter 5 to 10 times the number of sweepstakes in the same time period. Every contest you enter will require that you type in your name, address, email address etc. A form filling program will automatically fill in this information for you. Be careful, and check the form before you submit your contest entry sometimes form fillers don’t fill out the forms correctly.

Set up an email account just for your sweepstakes entries. You can use any of the free email services including yahoo or hotmail. Contest entry will create a lot of spam emails. You don’t want this spam to interfere with your personal email. You will need to check your email on a regular basis. Sometimes you are notified about sweepstakes wins via email and you only have a short period to respond or the prize is forfeited and given to someone else.

Be careful about sweepstakes and contest scams. Some unscrupulous companies and people use contests and sweepstakes as a way to obtain personal information about you or a way to sell you something. Be very careful about the information that you provide on an entry form. Don’t ever provide you social security number on a sweepstakes entry form. You don’t ever have to pay to receive a prize. Don’t ever give out your credit card or banking information to a sweepstakes company. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

ORGANIZATION IS KEY! Knowing which contest you have entered everyday is crucial. Again, many online sweepstake communities offer you tools and resources that allow you tack the contests that you enter on a daily basis. You must keep track of which sweepstakes you have entered and which you have not daily. The easiest way to be disqualified is to not follow the rules and enter when you are not allowed to or already have. The better organized you are, the more successful you will be and the more contests you will be able to enter.

Winning takes time and patience. You will enter hundreds of sweepstakes before you will win anything. Once you win it may take the sweepstakes sponsor months before they contact you and again months before the prizes are actually delivered. Many sweepstakes are open for long periods of time, so even though you entered on January 1, the sweepstakes may not end until December 31, at which time the winner still has to be selected, contacted, verified and the prize delivered. Entering contests is not a game for people seeking instant gratification of course unless you only enter the instant wins:)